Find your voice

Protect yourself and your loved ones
find your voice

Too often we human beings do not listen to our intuition and inner voice. When that happens and a loved one is a victim of negligence, the woulda, coulda, shoulda voice starts chattering in our head.

This page is designed to help you and your loved ones learn how to find your voice when confronted with questionable medical practices and care. Doing so can help protect you and your loved ones while navigating your way through the health care industry.

One way to Find Your Voice is to remind and ask your health care providers to wash their hands before touching you and/or wear gloves when working with your IV, Drain, Wound or Incision. Please feel free to print out the signs found on this page and then hang them wherever a health care provider can see them such as on your door, above your bed and on the wall. It has been known for a VERY long time that washing hands and wearing clean gloves are two of the best ways to prevent contamination and infection.

Please click below to download the PDFs.

In addition, please continue to check this page, and our social media accounts on ways to Find Your Voice within the health care industry.

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