Why we are here

Helping you to understand.

The fact that you have visited our website today means that something terrible has happened to you or a loved one because of a medical injury.  We cannot express how sorry we are that you or a loved one are going through this process.  No words and no amount of money will fix what has been done. We cannot turn back the clock and we cannot magically wave a wand and make it all go away.  What we can do is to try to help you obtain a reason why.  Sometimes the answer why leads us into litigation.  Other times, the answer resolves the issue and helps to obtain some measure of closure without the need for litigation.  At the very least, you will find that we will listen, investigate and most importantly, report back to you.  To start the process, please contact us today.

We represent clients in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. Our firm practices exclusively in the area of Medical Malpractice, a form of personal injury law. Medical Malpractice is unfortunately a reality and a risk that every patient faces when they enter the healthcare arena. The days of Dr. Welby are no longer. Medical Malpractice can occur anywhere a patient seeks care such as an emergency department, formerly known as an emergency room, hospital, medical clinic, home healthcare etc... Sadly, more, not less, people are injured or killed in the health care industry due to improper emergency and hospital care, surgical and medication errors, hand off and communication errors, etc... Every patient that enters healthcare is at risk for Medical Malpractice.  Birth injuries such as brachial plexus injuries caused by shoulder dystocia, inducement injuries caused by aggressive birth tactics, and hypoxic brain injuries caused by a failure to timely deliver put infants and mothers at risk every hour of every day in this country.

Even in the face of "Tort Reform" against medical lawsuits and the age of medical malpractice caps, tens of thousands of people are injured and killed in the health care industry.  We know that many injuries and deaths occur when there are vulnerabilities in healthcare, such as weekends, change of shift, holidays, handoffs and transfers between providers and facilities, and during the summer when new residents come on board. Even with increased attention by politicians, the media, and the general public, medical malpractice rates continue to rise.

When you or a loved one is injured or a loved one unexpectedly dies while seeking healthcare, the first question many people ask is a simple one. "Why?"

Too often, the answer is never given.  The reason why is not shared.  We are here to help you answer that question.  We have found that the answer to why injuries and unexpected deaths occur in healthcare is found in the answers to three simple questions:

What did they know?

When did they know it?

What did they do about it?

We are here to help you find the answers to those three questions and many more.  Please contact us today to share your story.

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