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DisabilityCan I Get Disability Benefits For Dyslexia?

June 6, 2022

About 20 percent of the population has dyslexia, and the condition represents about 90 percent of individuals who have learning disabilities. Dyslexia is the most common neuro-cognitive disorder. While many organizations estimate that more than 40 million adults have dyslexia, only two million of those individuals are aware of having it. Some individuals with dyslexia are unable to work. In this blog post, Watson and Carroll, P.C., L.L.O., provides a closer look at disability benefits for dyslexia. 

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Omaha and Council Bluffs 

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What Are The Symptoms Of Dyslexia? 

There are many different symptoms of dyslexia. Of course, the kind of symptoms and their severity can vary from one individual to another. Here are a few of the more common symptoms:

  • Problems with reading comprehension
  • Slow reading or reading below the individual’s grade level
  • Difficulty learning new words
  • Difficulty sounding out words
  • Trouble detecting the differences between words and letters 
  • Confusing letters, such as confusion a B for a D 

Individuals with dyslexia do not have social difficulties and the condition is not associated with intelligence that is lower than average. However, dyslexia can impact the individual’s motivation, self-esteem, and other aspects of their life. Children with dyslexia have increased risk of attention deficit disorder and are more likely to have behavioral issues. 

Disability Benefits For Children With Dyslexia 

If a child meets the Social Security Administration (SSA) listing for neurodevelopmental disorders, he or she will qualify for disability benefits. This means that if the child’s impairment can functionally meet the equivalent to the applicable listing. This can be difficult for a child to meet, but not impossible. A child only qualifies for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is needs-based, so specific financial criteria must be met as well. 

Can I Get Disability For Dyslexia As An Adult?

An adult with dyslexia can qualify for disability benefits by either meeting a listing in the Social Security Blue Book or by proving there are no jobs that he or she can do through a medical vocational allowance. Dyslexia in adults is evaluated using the Blue Book listing 12.11, which covers neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Neurodevelopmental disorders begin in childhood, and include ADHD, tic disorders, and learning disabilities, and often are not diagnosed until the individual is an adult. To qualify per the listing, the claimant must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Significant difficulties learning and using academic skills (including reading)
  • Frequent distractibility, difficulty paying attention, and difficulty organizing tasks
  • Hyperactive and impulsive behavior (for example, talking excessively, difficulty waiting, or appearing restless).
  • Recurrent motor movement or vocalization.

Only the first criteria would apply to dyslexia. In addition to meeting the criteria of the listing, you would need to show an extreme limitation in one of the following or severe limitation in two of the following mental functioning areas:

  • Understanding, remembering, or applying information
  • Interacting with others
  • Concentration, persistence, or pace, or
  • Adapting or managing oneself.

How To Apply For Disability Benefits 

If you are unable to work because of dyslexia, consult with a knowledgeable disability attorney. Watson & Carroll can help. 

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