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DisabilityHearing Loss Disability | It is National Deaf Awareness Month

September 14, 2020

More than 37 million adults in the U.S. suffer from hearing loss. Many of them cannot work because of it. As we kick off National Deaf Awareness Month this September, our latest blog will look at Social Security Disability Benefits for hearing loss and the requirements therein. 

Disability Attorney for Hearing Loss 

The Social Security Disability lawyer at Watson & Carroll, P.C., L.L.O. will advocate for your right to disability benefits. Our team will serve as both your partner and your voice during the entire claims process. We work directly with physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure they are setting you up for success every step of the way. If you are experiencing hearing loss that makes you unable to perform a job of any kind, get in touch today. 

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September is National Deaf Awareness Month 

Every September, organizations all over the world work to promote awareness for deafness and hearing loss, especially the last week of the month. They also celebrate the positive aspects of deafness. The idea is to promote social inclusion, support the deaf, and provide resources for anyone suffering from hearing loss and their loved ones. 

Disability Benefits for Hearing Loss

The Social Security Administration will grant disability benefits to those with hearing loss if they meet certain requirements, which we outline below. It’s more likely you will secure compensation with the help of your disability attorney, who understands the agency’s Listing of Impairments and the rules surrounding each, including hearing loss and deafness. 

To qualify, you must meet the guidelines of at least one of the following hearing impairment tests, which must be performed by an audiologist or a licensed physician: 

  1. Audiometry. Your average hearing threshold sensitivity for air conduction must be 90 decibels (dB) or worse. Your hearing loss needs to be calculated by averaging your hearing at the sound frequencies of 500 hertz (Hz), 1,000 Hz, and 2,000 Hz.
  2. Word recognition test. You must not be able to repeat more than 40% of a list of standardized words spoken in a word recognition test. All testing is done without hearing aids. 
  3. Hearing loss with cochlear implant. If you have cochlear implants in one or both ears, you are automatically granted disability benefits for one year after the implantation. Your disability benefits will not be extended unless your word recognition is 60% or less.

What if My Hearing Loss Doesn’t Meet the Listing Requirements? 

If your hearing loss does not meet the SSA’s disability listing for profound hearing loss, you still might be able to qualify for disability if your attorney can show that there are no jobs you can do as a result of your condition. 

SSA officials – and perhaps an administrative law judge if your initial claim is denied – will look at how your hearing loss affects your capacity to communicate, follow instructions, and be employed. They also will look at your age. Younger individuals are less likely to receive benefits due to the ability to transition your skills to other work. The SSA reasons that you could probably find work where hearing isn’t a necessary job requirement. If not, however, you might qualify for benefits based on a medical-vocational allowance, especially if you are 55 or older. 

Social Security Disability Lawyer Nebraska 

It can seem difficult to prove your hearing loss is severe enough to qualify for benefits, especially if you don’t have an attorney advocating for you along the way. The team at Watson & Carroll can help. We have a proven record of securing disability benefits for those who need them to support themselves and their families. Call us today at 402-234-8787. You also can share your story here

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