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Is My Pain is Disabling?

October 19, 2020

While everyone has pain to some extent at certain times, living with ongoing painful conditions can be debilitating, discouraging, and demoralizing. Dealing with the challenges associated with continuing pain can bring on a range of difficult feelings that can make day-to-day life incredibly taxing, both physically and emotionally. 

However, the question of when pain is considered “disabling” by the Social Security Administration is a legal distinction that can have an impact on your financial and legal resources and accommodations. In this post, we will explore the question of determining whether a given case of ongoing pain makes you eligible for disability in Nebraska. 

Chronic Pain Disability Lawyer 

If you are experiencing debilitating pain from a chronic condition,  you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The disability lawyers at Watson & Carroll, P.C., L.L.O. can help you prepare for a successful disability claim – much better than you will if you go it alone. Call us today at 402-234-8787. You also can share your story here

Do I Quality for Social Security Disability?

One key question that can help to determine whether your pain qualifies as disabling is whether or not it prevents you from acquiring or maintaining gainful employment. If your pain keeps you from working steadily, then it is more likely to qualify as a disabling condition. The Social Security Administration (SSA) developed disability insurance as a way to assist those whose disabling conditions make it impossible for them to work regularly. 

There are many other factors that will influence what the Social Security Administration determines with regard to your disability claim, as well. Medical records regarding the influence of pain on your life and work can be very important in showing that your ongoing painful condition has had a detrimental effect. Additionally, records that detail your income can help to show that your pain is preventing you from maintaining full or adequate employment. If you make $1,260 or less each month, you may qualify for Social Security disability.

Your age will also play a role in the decision that the SSA will make about your disability claim. The SSA will assume that the older an individual is, the greater the chances are that they will have difficulty working because of a condition, including chronic pain.

The process of applying for disability can be intimidating and confusing for those who do not have experience with the process. Navigating the confusing process can be especially frustrating if you are already facing the challenge of ongoing pain. Adequate representation when applying for Social Security Disability can be incredibly helpful, especially during the application process. 

Social Security Disability Lawyer Omaha

Finding a local disability lawyer is a useful first step in applying for SSA disability if your ongoing pain keeps you from working regularly. One reason to find experienced representation for your disability claim is that most initial filings are denied. Moving forward from the point of an initial denial will require legal insights and confidence regarding how to proceed, when and if any problems arise in the filing or claims processes. 

Because most initial claims are rejected, finding a Social Security Disability Lawyer to represent your interests is a smart way to be prepared for moving forward with requests for reconsideration, hearings, and any dealings with appeals councils that may be required. If you suffer from a painful condition, these are some of the considerations that could determine whether you qualify for disability and how you should proceed. 

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