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Why Medical Records Are Crucial in Winning a Social Security Disability Claim

June 30, 2020

Your ability to provide timely and accurate medical documentation to the Social Security Administration can make the difference between winning your disability claim or losing it. This blog will outline the importance of medical documentation in every Social Security Disability Claim, what can happen if records are not available or included, and why an attorney’s help is crucial to securing disability benefits. 

SSDI examiners only give the claimants’ testimony so much weight. They want to review thorough medical records before making a decision whether to approve or deny benefits. If you don’t have sufficient medical evidence, your case will likely come down to the result of a brief examination by a physician contracted by SSA, known as a consultative examination.  

The best way to handle a Social Security Disability claim is with the help of an experienced disability attorney. For most people, it’s overwhelming to sort through records and decide which information is most important. The disability team at Watson & Carroll P.C., L.L.O. will help take the pressure off. We can help obtain records and medical information on your behalf. Give us a call at 402-234-8787 or share your story here to get started. 

What is a Consultative Examination? 

The Social Security Disability examiner assigned to your case will make an effort to obtain medical records from your physician, but in some cases a claimant does not have enough history of medical care for SSA to review medical records and make an accurate decision regarding the severity of the claimants’ impairments. 

If that happens, a consultative examination – an additional exam or test called for when your current medical information is considered insufficient by the SSA in rendering a decisive Social Security Disability determination – may be called for. Bear in mind,  consultative examinations performed by outside professionals often lack necessary background information that could make the difference between having your claim  for disability benefits approved or denied.

Keep in mind, physicians’ and medical records offices are often overwhelmed with requests for information. Therefore, all of your records may not make it to the examiner. A Social Security Disability attorney will review the evidence SSA has on file and make sure that all of your records are included. Your lawyer also will follow-up on your behalf if anything is missing. 

If the Disability Determination Services office receives what they deem to be sufficient information, they may make a decision on your application, even if all of the requested medical documentation has not yet been received. If this occurs, you may not win your claim.

Again, that’s why it’s crucial to have an attorney in your corner who can advocate for you if and when a consultative exam doesn’t come back in your favor. 

Don’t Try to Win a Claim Alone – Seek a Disability Attorney’s Help Now 

The Social Security Disability attorneys at Watson & Carroll will advocate for your right to disability benefits.  Our team will serve as both your partner and your voice during the entire claims process. We work directly with physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure they are setting you up for success every step of the way.

Your benefits are waiting for you. Don’t give up.

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