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Since 2011, our firm has forged a respected reputation. Watson & Carroll specializes in medical malpractice, workers compensation, personal injury, and social security disability.

At Watson & Carroll we are ready to consult with clients who:

  • Were hurt at work
  • Were hurt in a car accident that wasn't their fault
  • Are disabled and need Social Security Disability Insurance benefits
  • Were hurt on someone else's property
  • Were injured due to medical negligence

If you believe your legal matter falls into one of the above categories, our attorneys in Omaha and Lincoln are ready to speak with you. Request a free consultation today.

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When someone has been hurt at a medical facility and wants to take action against those responsible, they are at a dramatic disadvantage. They may have a medical malpractice claim to make, and must face healthcare corporations and insurance providers that have extensive resources and various legal professionals on their side. Our firm stands with those injured and ensures—regardless of the efforts and resources of the opposing side—their voice is heard before the law.

We take a tenacious and dedicated approach with all our cases, including our efforts to obtain rightful workers' compensation. Whether a client is facing down a hospital, was injured at work, had their claims denied by the Social Security Administration, or was in a terrible car accident, our firm is ready to advocate for our clients both in and outside the courtroom. We always explore swift, cost-effective resolutions to our clients’ cases, but when litigation is necessary, our attorneys are ready to go the distance for our clients in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Disability can often keep people from working, which may impact not only the individual but the entire family. While disability is difficult to think about, the federal insurance system was put in place to help individuals and their families. If you have a severe physical, psychological, or cognitive impairment that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for benefits. There is a wide range of disabilities that may qualify for benefits, however, the process can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why we are here to help you.

Regardless of the reason that you have become disabled, our legal team at Watson & Carroll is here to help. We represent folks from Nebraska, Eastern South Dakota, and Western Iowa obtain the benefits they deserve. We meet with you in person to review your situation in great detail to determine if you are qualified for Social Security Disability because we believe in one-on-one representation with our claimants. Let our combination of knowing how the administration works from the inside and our legal knowledge work for you.

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What Sets Us Apart

Watson & Carroll Attorneys Bring Unique Experience to Every Case
  • Esteemed Attorney & Registered Nurse

    John F. Carroll, President of Watson & Carroll, is a licensed registered nurse and attorney.

  • Collaborative
    Team Approach

    Our team approach helps us achieve successful outcomes for our clients and their families.

  • Sharing Our
    Client's Story

    Our team helps clients connect to and share their story in a caring, compassionate, & nurturing way.

  • Trial Lawyers
    College Graduate

    John F. Carroll is a graduate and participating member of Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College.