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Workers' CompensationWhat Happens When You Slip or Trip at Work? 

November 12, 2020

Many Nebraskans slip or trip at work. They aren’t alone: studies have found that slips and falls are among the country’s most common workplace injuries. But whether you slip on the ice during winter or trip over a power cord or in the office, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation under state law. In fact, you don’t even have to fall all the way to the ground to receive a severe injury. Many severe cartilage injuries to knees, hips, spines, and shoulders happen from the rapid jerking of the body when catching oneself before completing the fall. This blog will look at common slip/trip and fall workplace injuries and how a work comp attorney can help. 

Slip/Trip and Fall Attorney Nebraska 

Were you hurt at work in a slip/trip and fall? Contact our Nebraska worker’s compensation lawyer at Watson & Carroll, P.C., L.L.O. We’ve secured compensation for workers across the state – and we can help you too. You also can download our free ebook – written by our skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney, David Handley – which will likely answer many of your questions. Call 402-234-8787. Get your free ebook today. And, share your story here.

Workers’ Compensation for Slip/Trip and Fall 

There are several ways an employee can slip/trip and fall at work. Many of those accidents cause lasting or permanent injuries, including: 

Brain Injuries 

– Broken Bones

– Neck Injuries  

– Thoracic Spine Damage

– Low Back Injuries

– Nerve Damage 

– Severe Cuts 

– Dislocated Shoulder 

– Knee Injuries

– Wrist and Elbow injuries

– And More. 

Accidents commonly seen by Nebraska workers’ compensation attorneys include: 

– An employee who slips on the ice walking into work or leaving work, heading to a vehicle in the parking lot. 

– A construction worker who falls at a jobsite. 

– An office employee who slips and falls on spilled water or other liquid. 

– A worker who trips and falls over a power cord. 

– An employee who stumbles and falls on an uneven or damaged flooring or outdoor surface. 

– Nurses using gait belts to assist patients in hospitals or nursing homes.

– Greasy floors, wet floors, old carpeting, rugs in business’ entry ways, unsalted lots, and more.

– Anything in the workplace that causes slip or trip and fall. Your attorney can advise you whether the accident qualifies under Nebraska workers’ compensation law. 

Workers’ Compensation For Slip/Trip and Fall Injuries 

If you have been injured at work or because of your work, seek medical attention and immediately report what happened to your supervisor, human resources department, boss, owner, safety director or any other person you might be expected to report to on a regular basis. If your work doesn’t have a designated reporting system or recognized chain of command, then tell another employee. Next, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to advocate for your rights. 

Workers hurt in a slip/trip and fall can receive work comp benefits in Nebraska when they are injured on the job.  Not all work accidents are obvious, and not all accidents happen during a normal work day or shift. If you ever have any questions about your accident, injury, benefits, or treatment by the employer or the insurance company, call our workers’ compensation team immediately. The longer you delay seeking help, the more opportunity the insurance company gets to delay, deny, and defend against your claim for benefits.

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Contact our work comp lawyer to share your story. Also, download our free ebook – written by our skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney, David Handley – which will likely answer many of your questions. Get your free ebook today.

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