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June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many of us – including our employers – to take public health and safety much more seriously. At the same time, quarantine life is turning out to be something of a global experiment in working from home, as a sizable chunk of the world’s workforce has taken refuge from the coronavirus by setting up would-be offices and laptop stations at their kitchen tables. But what happens if someone working from home is injured on the job? They may be eligible for workers’ compensation in Nebraska. 

If you were working from home due to COVID-19 and get hurt while doing so, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under state law. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can help to file a claim and help secure the benefits you need and deserve to heal from your injuries. 

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

The workers’ compensation lawyer at Watson & Carroll, P.C., L.L.O. are experienced in all kinds of workers’ compensation claims – even unusual cases like work-at-home injuries. Many of our clients initially assume their claim is impossible to win. They’ve been falsely led to believe that by both their employer and the insurance company. Our workers’ compensation team, however, is skilled at going up against large employers as well as the insurance companies, doctors, nurses, and lawyers who defend their interests. 

Like you, we are working remotely due to COVID. Even so, we are still ready to fight for your rights under state labor laws. We are available to talk to you via phone or video conference so you can focus on healing, resting, and supporting your family. Give Watson & Carroll’s workers’ compensation attorneys a call at 402-991-2100 or fill out our confidential intake form here. 

Workers’ Compensation & Working From Home 

Some companies, especially those who encourage working remotely, likely have policies in place that outline working from home rules as well as important safety standards. But with the coronavirus causing panic and creating a need for quick action, many employers had to send everyone home without any guidelines to draw from. So what happens now if an employee trips over a computer cord, falls, and breaks their arm during regular working hours? 

By all intents and purposes, he or she would be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. The key is proving that the injury happened during a work related activity and in the course of performing work-related duties. It’s not easy; after all, in most cases there won’t be any witnesses to the injury. Did it happen as the employee was performing a work duty, or while he or she was taking a break to get coffee, let the dog out, or discipline rowdy children who are also cooped up in the house? There are plenty of reasons the insurance company will try to fight your claim and disprove your story. That’s why you need the best workers’ compensation attorneys on your side, acting as your voice in a difficult situation. Call 402-991-2100 or email contact@watsoncarroll.com

What if I Was Hurt Doing Something Personal During Work Hours? 

If you were injured during the workday but were at home doing something else – taking a lunch or coffee break for instance – you could still be eligible for workers’ compensation. Again, the tricky part is determining whether your injury was job-related or reasonably related to a comfort you might otherwise normally enjoy during your normal work activity. For example, while walking from your bedroom/new office to get a cup of coffee, you trip over your child’s toys and are injured.  Is that an injury work comp should have to pay? If you had been in your actual office at work and tripped over anything on the way to the coffee pot, then it would be. Why should being at home when the injury occurred be any different? Hasn’t your employer now required you to work from home? As we face an unprecedented disease and time in our history, these specific issues are not yet well defined in Nebraska law. Unresolved questions in our law will be exploited by the insurance companies attorney for their client’s favor, not yours. An experienced attorney working on your side is what you need to balance the scales in your favor. Call today.  

Bottom line: You have rights as an employee if you are hurt performing your job. Give us a call today to review your possible claim. 

Stay healthy, safe, and happy. 

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