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The statistics are real: millions of people apply for Social Security disability benefits every year, but only 30 percent are approved the first go-round. Why? Disability claims are denied for a handful of reasons, many of which are avoidable with the help of a disability lawyer.  This blog looks at the most common reasons disability...


There are many reasons an adult or child might have a prosthetic limb: genetic disorders, birth defects, accidents, war injuries, or medical conditions. Prosthetic limbs, including their performance, feel, comfort and mobility, have advanced the last few decades. Many amputees live normal, productive lives with little to no limitations. This blog reviews whether having a...


If you’re reading this post, chances are that you or someone you love is unable to work due to an injury, illness or other medical condition. The Social Security Administration’s disability insurance and supplemental security income programs pay monthly benefits to people who become disabled before they reach retirement age.  While the program has helped...


Monthly disability payments are critical to supporting those who are unable to work due to a permanent illness, injury, or a lifelong condition. That being said, many who receive a Social Security disability check have limited income. A month or two behind on a bill can lead to mounting debt with no end in sight....

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